Customized Dog Walks

Customized Dog Walks

While you’re away at work or gone for the majority of the day, there is nothing better than having your dog professionally walked, exercised and taken care of. These walks are customized for your dog to give them an optimal balanced lifestyle and you the ability to take advantage of a selection of additional services, from text/e-mail updates to complementary services, like having your dog professionally trained to come when called. As well as fee based maintenance and care options that are available, like grooming!

Each visit includes: Fresh water & treats, Affection & bonding, Potty break

Walk length:  30 minutes         45 minutes         60 minutes
3+ per week:   $15.00                    $18.00                 $22.00
Per visit:           $16.00                    $20.00                 $24.00

– All walks are done on a per household basis.
– A charge of $5.00 for each additional dog will be applied to each walk.

ADVENTURE DAY – $25.00 per adventure
PARKS, TRAILS, FARM & BEACHES! Starting with picking up your dog, along with 2-4 other dogs and taking them to one of these adventures, lasting anywhere from two to four hours, depending on group size.

Additional Services:
Text/e-mail updates, Any pet messes (stomach upset, hair balls), Administer medication

Complementary Services:
Your pick of one (1) option from each category, plus many more options to choose from!
– Recreational Activities: Tag (you’re it), Hide and seek, Obstacle course/Mini-Agility Course
– Trick Training: High five, Retrieve, Dog crawl
– Obedience Training: Stand, Stay, Come, Leave it
– Behavioural Modification: Nipping, Possessiveness (ex. food bowl, toys), House Breaking

Maintenance and Care: ($25.00 per trained service, rate dependent on level of your dog’s experience)
– Grooming, Nail Clipping, Teeth Brushing, Stand like a pro, Doorway bolting, Doorway etiquette