Your Home Dog Sitting

Your Home Dog Sitting

Allows your dog to be less stressed by staying at home, in an environment they know & trust. Each visit includes, first and foremost plenty of professional hands on affection, fresh water and food, playtime and a potty break. From there, you get to choose from multiple options on the length of your dogs leashed walk, as well as a number of complementary services, like text/e-mail updates and a mix of fee based services, like disposal of trash to curb!

Each visit includes: Fresh water & food, Affection & playtime, Potty break

$15.00 -15 minute visit

$20.00 – 45 minute visit – Plus: 30 minute leashed walk

$25.00 – 60 minute visit – Plus: 45 minute leashed walk

$50.00 – ┬áper day includes:
– 20 minute morning visit
– 45 minute mid-day visit with 30 minute leashed walk
– 20 minute evening visit

Add: $5.00 for each additional Dog from the same home

Complementary services available upon request:
– Text/e-mail updates, Any pet messes (stomach upset, hair balls), Administer medication

Fee based services ($3.00 each):
– Disposal of trash to curb, Mail/newspaper/deliveries brought in, Lights rotate (on/off, plants watered)